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Who Are Roofing Weymouth

Quality Roofing Company

Our roofers are known in Dorset for the quality of our work and we are doing everything possible to maintain our distinguished name. When looking for a roofing company their qualifications, their work and pricing are some of the many factors you want to consider before taking action. Roofing Weymouth can boast of the quality of our works. Roofing Weymouth wants you to contact us frequently, and with this, in mind, we keep our prices as affordable as possible and the quality of our workmanship as high as possible.

In Buckland Ripers, Chickerell it is business as usual for the family run business Roofing Weymouth, specialising in all aspects of roofing and building construction work. At Roofing Weymouth we specialize in all aspects of traditional roofing, covering any size of contract across Weymouth and beyond.
You should have confidence that you will get excellent service as soon as possible in Weymouth once you submit a request via Roofing Weymouth roofing website for emergency roof repairs. Roofing Weymouth has handled emergency roof repairs done for residential and commercial customers in the past.
Roofing Weymouth offers rebuilding and chimney repairs in Weymouth for residential and commercial roofs. Roofing Weymouth is a family run company that has been dedicated to making quality residential and commercial roofing products since 1951.
The old-fashioned felt materials used on a roof can wear out and be prone to leaks with time and exposure to weather elements. Lightweight fibreglass trays are now used to make the modern valleys. The older valleys were made with concrete slabs that were heavy and were prone to leaking on the overlaps.

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Don't put off your roof repairs any longer, contact Roofing Weymouth today. Feel free to call us to discuss your requirements and Roofing Weymouth will also share with you a free estimate.

Soffits and Guttering by Roofing Weymouth

Bathroom specialists, fascias, guttering, soffits, extensions and roof tiling, contractors, share common bond in high quality installation and repair services to satisfy property owners plastering, fixing window fitters and glaziers, restoration of old buildings. A thorough check is conducted on the roof tiles, chimneys, fascias, soffit and guttering when some work is being done on the roof.

Industrial and Commercial Roofers in Weymouth, Dorset

Roofing Weymouth provide domestic garage roofs as well as industrial and commercial roofing. Roofing Weymouth is a leading company providing professional roofing and cladding solutions to all types of industrial and commercial buildings.

Guaranteed Roofing Work from Roofing Weymouth

Roofing Weymouth handles tasks such as guttering, tiles and building roof repairs with a 10 year guarantee on the repairs. Because we are confident in the durability of our work, at Roofing Weymouth we offer a 10 year guarantee on any job we carry out.

Flat Roof Specialists Roofing Weymouth

Roofing Weymouth undertake all types of flat roofing work for domestic, commercial and government clients throughout the Weymouth area. At Roofing Weymouth we install many types of flat roofing systems including single ply, felt, liquid applied products and green living roofs.

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